Ends on May 1, 2019

$3.00 USD

Tip Jar Submissions are optional and will be treated exactly the same as standard submissions. Please follow the same guidelines as standard submissions with the exception of noting the genre for your submission in your submission title and in your cover letter.

A Tip Jar Submission will not increase your chances of publication, but you will be helping us to manage the costs of Submittable and to continue to pay contributors. Mud Season Review has an all-volunteer staff and is a production of the Burlington Writers Workshop, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers free writing workshops.Thank you for your support and for sharing your work with us! We're excited to see what you've created.

Please submit in one file a portfolio of 3-5 poems (up to 10 pages), with each poem on its own page(s); along with a brief biography. We respond to a wide range of poetry, and to voice above all else. We are looking for poems that compelled their own writing, emotion that purifies and intensifies language, point of view that catches us off-guard. We prefer formal verse that can range as widely and think and feel as deeply as free verse; and free verse that still finds ways to put pressure on language.